most requested

Paid parental leave is the 3rd most requested policy


have access

Only 27% of private sector employees have paid parental leave


want it

73% of employees would leave their current company for one with better benefits

Modern workforces need modern solutions

Paid parental leave is table stakes for employees

Changing work environments and family dynamics demand a full-service solution for life's most common event: parenthood. Gen Z and Millennial employees are demanding paid parental leave and holistic family-first policies.
only 30% of employees say their company has family-friendly benefits that meet their needs
of employers are interested in adding or expanding paid parental leave policies
of employees would leave their current company for one that offers better benefits
of Millennials are less likely to quit if offered paid parental leave

Just *some* benefits of paid parental leave

Paid parental leave yields tremendous ROI, positively impacting retention, recruitment, morale, and output.

Improves labor and delivery outcomes and maternal health

Maternal mortality is a national crisis. Parental leave decreases the likelihood of c-sections, NICU stays, preeclampsia, and re-hospitalization for birthing parents.

Advances womens career and earnings

The gender wage gap triples after motherhood, and every year a mother is out of work costs her 10% in earning power. And, dads need paternity leave too! Every month a man takes paternity leave is tied to a 7% increase in moms earnings.

Cuts the risk of turnover by up to 70%, saving on hiring costs

30% of women without access to maternity leave will leave the labor market the year they have a child. But just 12 weeks of paid leave can reduce that turnover by 70%. Companies can save significant rehiring expenses, often 50% of an employee's annual salary.

Leads to happier, and more loyal, employees

73% of employees would leave their current company for one that offers better benefits, with over half considering family-friendly benefits a top priority. With policies that matter, employees are more engaged and productive, and 86% said they would be more loyal to their current company.

Supports *all* of the ways families are formed

Families look different for everyone. Companies need policies that cover birth, adoption and foster, to equitably support LGBTQ+ employees, who are 7x more likely to adopt or foster, and those employees without access to Paid Family Leave programs.

Instant boost in recruitment, brand, and reputation

Companies with paid parental leave policies are positioned to compete for top talent in the toughest markets. As a top need for Millennials and Gen Z, companies see a boost in recruitment and reputation for their commitment to families.
Paid parental leave made easy

Offload the process, cost, and experience to Parento

Paid parental leave is complicated and requires a solution that works for finance, HR, and employees.

Budget certainty and mitigated risk for finance

Fully-insured paid parental leave coverage provides budget certainty for finance teams and mitigates risk.

Enhanced support for HR and employees

Leave Concierge provides expert leave and claim management support for HR, and proactive 1:1 support for all employees.
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Results-focused program

We deliver better outcomes for employers and parents

Our holistic program supports working parents when they need it most, helping transition to and from leave with dedicated re-onboarding and return-to-work plans.
13 hrs
Average number of coaching hours used per employee
of Parento's parents return to work full-time after leave
Who does Parento cover?

Inclusive policy covers all parents, whether birthing, adopting or fostering

Parento's gender-neutral program is DEI friendly and EOCC compliant.
Download our Diversity & Equity Checklist for Workplace Policies
Results-focused, employee centered

Proactive, holistic support
for every employee

From family planning to moody teenagers, our emotional support and parent coaches help employees navigate every stage in their professional and personal lives.

Unlimited 1:1 sessions

Whether employees need 1 or 100 sessions, our expert coaches are there (virtually!).

Personalized guidance

Coaches provide personalized, practical career and personal guidance, mitigating potential risks and concerns.
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Before, during, and after leave

Emotional support and parent coaching to help manage work-life transitions, including re-onboarding after leave.

For all parents, not just expectant

Coaches for any stage of parenthood - from preconception to pre-teen. Partners always welcome.