Fully insured paid parental leave for the cost of dental

Linked directly to retention, diversity, and talent acquisition, Parento is one of the best investments you can make for your employees.
Modern workforces need modern solutions

Paid parental leave is becoming a dealbreaker for employees.

Changing work environments and family dynamics demand a full-service solution for life's most common event: parenthood. Gen Z and Millennial employees are demanding paid parental leave and holistic family-first policies.
most requested benefit, offering or incentive
of employers are interested in adding or expanding paid parental leave this year
of Millennials are less likely to quit if offered paid parental leave
if offered, 90% of men will take more than 7 weeks of paid parental leave
Paid parental leave made easy

Parento provides an affordable one-stop solution.

Paid parental leave is complicated and requires a solution that works for finance, HR, and employees.

Budget certainty and mitigated risk for finance

Fully-insured paid parental leave coverage provides budget certainty for finance teams and mitigates risk.

Enhanced support for HR and employees

Leave Concierge provides expert leave and claim management support for HR, and proactive 1:1 support for all employees.
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Results-focused, employee centered

Proactive, holistic support
for every employee

From family planning to moody teenagers, our emotional support and parent coaches help employees navigate every stage in their professional and personal lives.

Unlimited 1:1 sessions

Whether employees need 1 or 100 sessions, our expert coaches are there (virtually!).

Personalized guidance

Coaches provide personalized, practical career and personal guidance, mitigating potential risks and concerns.
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Before, during, and after leave

Emotional support and parent coaching to help manage work-life transitions, including re-onboarding after leave.

For all parents, not just expectant

Coaches for any stage of parenthood - from preconception to pre-teen. Partners always welcome.
Who does Parento cover?

Gender-neutral paid parental leave covers all parents, whether birthing, adopting or fostering.

Parento's gender-neutral program is inclusive, making it DEI friendly and an added way for employers to support all working parents and LGBTQ+ employees.
Download our Diversity & Equity Checklist for Workplace Policies
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Results-focused program

Parento's program drives real outcomes for employers and parents alike.

Parento's holistic program supports working parents when they need it most, helping transition to and from leave with dedicated re-onboarding and return-to-work plans.
13 hrs
Average number of coaching hours used per employee
of Parento's parents return to work full-time after leave