Save your clients time and money with insurance for paid parental leave

Through Parento, you can offer your clients the only insurance solution for paid parental leave. Schedule a training session today.
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Reduce preventable turnover

STD policies are not cutting it and still lead to turnover.

STD misaligns cost and risk, and doesn't provide enough pay or time off after the qualifying event, so moms are still more likely to quit. Parento will make your client's existing STD policy more impactful enabling up to 16 weeks of leave for birth, adoption, and foster.
Employees are 20x more likely to have a child than a disability
of women without paid maternity leave quit when they have a child
Decrease in turnover with at least 12 weeks of paid parental leave
It can cost up to 150% of an employee's base salary to replace them
Parento Program

Parento solves the headaches of paid parental leave, driving retention and savings for your clients.

Parento is a fully compliant, white-glove paid parental leave insurance program offering clients cost certainty, expert leave management, and an enhanced employee experience from start to finish.

Paid parental leave insurance

Parento's program works alongside existing short-term disability and state benefit programs, if applicable.

Expert Leave Concierge

Dedicated leave expert manages leaves and helps employees file for PFL/STD. Leave Concierge provides payroll calculations and STD/PFL offsets for HR.

Cost control and budget certainty

Plans are budget neutral for most clients and we provide a detailed business case for each client. Premiums are also tax deductible.

Customizable policy

Employers can build a plan for their budget and their team, offering from 6 to 16 weeks at up to 100% of pay for all full-time employees.

100% compliant

Conforms to all local, city, state, and federal requirements to be 100% compliant.

Re-onboarding support for parents

Integrated one-on-one emotional and parent coaching is available for all employees from day 1 to help manage work and parenthood.
Who is Parento for?

Parento is for every employer

From manufacturing to tech start-ups, CPG to professional services, Parento is enabling employers to support working parents with our paid parental leave insurance coverage.

For all team sizes

Works with in-office, remote and hybrid teams of at least 10 full-time employees.

For all industries

Available for public, private, and non-profit employers nationwide.
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Trusted by employers nationwide

Partnering to support parents

We deeply value our relationships with brokers and distribution partners and offer generous compensation.  We kick-off with a phone call to walk you through our unique framework, ideal clients, and why the incident rate for parental leave is greater than any ancillary policy.

We vet our partners to ensure we’re aligned in supporting companies and employees, so this isn’t available to just any broker. If it’s a fit for both of us, we can begin quoting immediately.