Talent is hard to find, harder to keep, and requires more than office snacks.

Successful paid parental leave experiences are directly linked to your employee's longevity, happiness, productivity, and loyalty.

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A custom solution built for you... and your employees.

Parento provides customized paid parental leave programs for your team,
offering a streamlined HR-friendly process and an improved employee experience

Is Parento for you?

  • You invest in the wellbeing and financial health of your employees.
  • You care about work-life balance and family-friendly policies.
  • You have a formal (or informal) DEI/D&I initiative.
  • You've seen employees have children but not return to work full-time afterward.
  • You're looking for a competitive edge in hiring.
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“After talking with [my coach], I was able to have less-emotionally
driven conversations with my managers to set realistic expectations.”