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Employer freebie: return-to-work toolkit including a detailed calendar with touch points

This toolkit breaks down the elements needed in a successful policy, designed to guide returning parents back to work full-time encouraged and supported.

Re-onboarding webinar with best practices from expert parent and life coaches

Join Parento and three expert parent and life coaches as they break down what working parents want and need from their employers.

Freebie! DEI checklist to ensure paid parental leave policies are inclusive for all employees

Did you know most parental leave policies are discriminatory? Our checklist identifies potential risks and gives employers tips to design a more inclusive policy.

How Mobilizing Working Parents Boosts the Bottom Line

There’s a reason working parents are the barometer for the health of an organization.
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Balancing Budgets and Benefits: 3 Strategies for HR to Talk to Finance

3 strategies for HR to start the conversation with finance about how paid parental leave can help them stay within budget.
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Parent to Champion: Why Advocate for Paid Parental Leave

Learn how parents can become an unmatched expert and advocate for paid parental leave at work with our free Advocacy Toolkit.
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5 Things You Need to Know About Paid Parental Leave Insurance

We know paid parental leave insurance is the new kid on the block, so get up to speed with these top 5 Q&A.
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A Hard Look at National Paid Parental Leave: Can it Work?

Is national paid parental leave just a bandaid? This analysis breaks down what such an undertaking would really look like.
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How to Integrate Employee Expectations with Organizational Goals

Identify benefits & programs to navigate changing employee expectations that meet organizational goals with a SOAR analysis.
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