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Managing New Parents: Mental Health after Leave

Strategies for managers to identify and support at risk employees returning from parental leave.

Using Employee Feedback to Build Better Benefits

Best practices and suggested questions to collect and analyze employee feedback.

Small Business Guide to Paid Parental Leave

Designed specifically for small businesses to afford, manage and implement paid parental leave.

Parent to Champion: A Paid Parental Leave Toolkit

Everything parents need to advocate for paid parental leave at work and win new policies.

Toolkit: Return-to-Work Guide for Employers

Manage and personalize a parent's return-to-work experience, with best practices and touchpoints.

Toolkit: Find the Right Leave of Absence Administrator

As you evaluate an LOA admin for parental leave, lean on our checklist to find the best fit.

Benefit + Program Analysis: Build Better Packages

Analyze where employee expectations and company goals intersect to build better packages.

Insights + Reports


Debunking 10 Paid Parental Leave Myths

Debunking "parental leave is just for moms" and other common misconceptions.

Historical Parental Leave Data: 4 Reasons It's Low

Historical parental leave usage may not be accurate. Here are 4 reasons why and what to do next.

White Paper: The ROI of Paid Parental Leave

Retention, tenure, hiring, DEI, productivity - and how it stacks up to other policies and programs.

Infographic: The State of Paid Parental Leave

10 key data points every employer and parent needs to know about today's status of parental leave.

Case Studies


Parento's 2023 Impact Report

A summary of our 2023 highlights, program expansion and direct impact on working parents.

Rescue trusts Parento to personalize parental leave

Explore our client case study, spotlighting Rescue's generous paid parental leave policy.



Checklist: Is your parental leave policy DEI friendly?

Critically analyze your policies for employees to ensure they are DEI friendly and equitable for ALL.

Parental Leave Policy Discrimination Risk Tree

Use our logic tree to easily determine if a parental leave policy exposes you to discrimination risk.



Broker Strategies to Make Room for Family Benefits

Broker webinar featuring Courtney Leimkuhler, of Springbank, and the former CFO of Marsh.

Webinar: Leverage Coaching for Effective DEIB Initiatives

Coaching boosts engagement and belonging, becoming a secret tool for HR and people teams.

Webinar: Strategies to Re-onboard Parents

A guided webinar so employers can stop winging the support offered to parents after leave.

Webinar: Today's fragmented paid leave landscape

From state benefit programs to short-term disability, parental leave options can be complicated.

Parento Program


Parento Program Overview

A breakdown of what we do, how we transform workplaces and what our scalable program includes.