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What does Parento offer?

Access to Parento Portal to manage and review your parental leave, associated claims, documents and more
Parento Experience Program, a suite of custom support for employees and their partners that includes individual and group coaching, and regular events
Access to Parento Library, a curated selection of resources, toolkits, articles, and more for every stage of parenthood
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High touch personalization at every parenting stage

The Parent Experience Program

Three different offerings allow employees to customize support.
Unlimited and confidential for employees and their partners.

Parent Coaching

Virtual one-on-one sessions with an expert parent coach for help with work-life management, parent questions and concerns, and high-touch emotional support at any parenting stage. Includes a postpartum anxiety/depression screening.

Parental Leave Pathways

Design and build a personalized birth, parental leave, and return-to-work plan alongside a parent coach and postpartum doula. Work together to identify and mitigate obstacles, set communication parameters, and build your personal parental leave plan.

Parento Pods

Virtual group coaching cohorts for parents who want to build connection with others, hear different perspectives, and create a community of support. Sessions are led by an expert parent coach and include key take-aways and actionable steps.

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Designed to build routines, identify patterns, and create a sustainable system for work-life integration, coaches are here for everything from mitigating career concerns to parenting needs and direction.

Common topics of support are:

  • Family planning or consideration
  • Work-life integration strategies
  • Communicating effectively with your manager
  • General behavioral questions
  • LGBTQIA+ parenting support
  • Foster and adoptive parent support
  • Children with special needs
  • and much, much more!

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if my employer uses Parento?
Please contact HR to confirm that your employer is a current Parento client.
I didn't sign-up or enroll in Parento. What do I do?
No worries! Through your employer you have been automatically enrolled in Parento. You do not have to opt-in or enroll.
How do I register for the Parento Portal?
Please contact your HR administrator to request a portal login. With access to the Portal, you can review and manage your claims and leave filings, upload supporting documentation, and more.
I registered for the Parento Portal but can't log in.
Oops! Please email for assistance.
How do I access the Parento Library?
The Parento Library and Portal require separate logins. Register for the Parento Library here. Please note that your employer must be a current Parento client in order to gain access.
What information is in the Parento Library?
The Parento Library is a curated resource hub with articles, guides, toolkits, checklists, and more written by an expert parent coach and postpartum doula. From the emotional toll of trying to conceive to communicating with moody teenagers, the Parento Library includes content for every stage of parenthood.
How do I access the Parent Experience Program?
You can schedule a one-on-one consultation above to learn more about coaching, Pods, and events. Employees and their partners are welcome to join! 


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