Meet the coaches

Whether you’re welcoming a new addition or could use a little help, our parenting coaches provide advice, guidance, tips, and even just an ear to listen.

Support coaching and guidance is available for all employees, whether parents or not, and their partners.

Meet the coaches.
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Director of Parent Experience

Amanda Hemm, MBA, R-PLC

Amanda Hemm is the Director of Parent Experience at Parento. As a perinatal professional, mom, and veteran of the corporate world, Amanda has seen the pitfalls that trip up so many working parents. She has also seen how - with the right resources - working can improve parenting satisfaction, and parenting can improve job performance. Her goal is to help parents create a sustainable foundation for thriving at work and home.

The journey to parenthood and working parenthood is not a one-size-fits-all. Amanda’s approach is tailored to the individual and builds upon their unique strengths and values. Using proven coaching methodologies - along with a good dose of compassion, pragmatism, and creativity - she walks with parents as they become their best selves.

In addition to being a RETAIN Certified Parental Leave coach, Amanda has been a postpartum doula, new parent group facilitator, lactation educator, entrepreneur, and team lead. She is trained to recognize perinatal mood and anxiety disorder (PMADS) and is an advocate for making sure parents have the emotional and mental health resources they need.

Cara Pollard

Cara Pollard, PCI Certified Parent Coach, has built a coaching practice serving organizations, groups, & individual parents. With a team of trained and certified coaches, Cara Pollard creates the scaffolding individuals need to meet the demands & complexities of modern parenting.

Cara helps parents identify the feelings and situations that lead to stress and communication breakdowns, teaching parents how to stay in control as opposed to reacting to their children

Kacey Hartung

Kacey Hartung helps working parents redefine Work-Life Balance. After years in the corporate trenches, juggling multiple responsibilities as a working mom, she developed a heart-centered approach where parents can create a more integrated approach to work, family, self and life. An approach she commonly refers to as “Work-Life Flow”.

As a Life Coach, Kacey has been described as “the astute mentor who pulls you aside one day to say, ‘I see you struggling. It doesn’t have to be so hard. Here is what’s worked for me and the hundreds of others I’ve mentored’. The strategies she teaches ensure you’ll be able to rest easy at night, knowing you’ve done right by your family, your job, and your own dear self.”

Eager to share her process of shifting focus away from balance and towards integration, she became a certified life coach through Coach Training Alliance in 2015.

Christy Keating

Christy Keating’s mission is to ensure that every parent gets the support they need on their parenting journey. She believes that every child needs—and deserves—a sense of belonging and significance and that it is her job to help parents provide that in the most authentic and heartfelt way possible. She understands that parenting can be difficult, but believes that it can also be fun—either way, it’s worth the effort. When we show up and are present for ourselves and our children, everyone thrives.

In her work with parents, Christy addresses everything from behavior issues, sibling rivalry, and defiance, to setting boundaries (for ourselves and our children), parenting effectively with our partners, self-care, and goal setting (personal and professional). She serves as a guide, a mirror, a cheerleader, an accountability partner, an advocate, and an educator with each of her clients depending on their individual needs. Her clients love creating a vision for their lives, realizing deeply what is possible, and working toward that week after week. Christy’s clients have children of all ages, and many of them are working parents who are trying to strike the seemingly impossible balance between being both the parent and the provider that they want to be.

Christy is the Owner and Founder of The Heartful Parent and Savvy Parents Safe Kids. She is a licensed attorney. She has obtained certifications as a Parent Coach and Positive Discipline Educator from The Gottman Institute.

Tia Fagan

Tia Fagan works with parents to strengthen relationships, increase connection, and improve communication within their family. Tia has a gift for holding space, listening without judgment, and having deep understanding and compassion as she guides parents to reclaim the joy in parenting and life.

Tia also believes that when we take the time to connect with ourselves, accept that life is not all roses, and learn to embrace the thorns along with the blossoms, we are able to find a flow in life that creates more harmony, connection, and joy. As you practice and implement strategies learned through coaching/workshops, you and your family will feel calmer, less reactive, and more connected.

Tia is a Conscious Parenting Method™ Certified Coach and a Jai Institute for Parenting Certified Parent Coach. She holds a BS Civil Engineering from University of Wisconsin – Madison.

Amanda Votto

Amanda Votto is a passionate teacher of mindfulness who believes that we all possess the ability to awaken to an intentional, inspired and compassionate life. She teaches a variety mindfulness courses including the 8-week Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) series, Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), mindful parenting, mindfulness in schools, leads retreats & workshops, offers private coaching and keynote speaking events.

She passionately believes in a holistic approach to healthcare and that we all possess the power to heal ourselves from the inside out. Through the development of self-awareness, building of emotional resilience, and the cultivation of self-compassion, she helps others reclaim a true sense of well-being.

Amanda earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Union College in Schenectady, New York and a Masters of Physician Assistant Studies from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey joint program with Seton Hall University. She has completed two years of mindfulness training under Dr. Shefali (best-selling author and leader in conscious parenting). Amanda is also trained through Mindful Schools, K-12 grades.

Claire Cetti

Claire Cetti’s passion is to help and support parents facing struggles and challenges on their own parenting journey, no matter where they are on it. This collaborative effort is done through identifying personal strengths, values, and desires of everyone in the family. In doing so, parents discover a confidence and peace within their renewed parenting journey that leaves a lasting impact not only for the parent(s) but for the family as a whole. Claire’s passion is to help and support parents facing struggles and challenges on their own parenting journey, no matter where they are on it.

Claire ‘s experience working at a Health and Counseling Center at liberal arts college for over 10 years informs her coaching philosophy and abilities until she just recently decided to resign and focus on Parent Coaching full time.

Claire is a PCI™ certified parent coach.

Maria Sanders

Maria Sanders works with parents struggling with any parenting challenge, from getting a child to sleep to communicating with a taciturn teen. A lot of her work is supported by Conscious Parenting and Collaborative Problem Solving. She works one on one with parents virtually or in her Montclair, NJ office. She also run parent workshops in schools, pediatrician offices and other community spaces. She is a Licensed Social Worker and a PCI™ certified parent coach.

Beth Kurtzweil

Beth Kurtzweil finds great enjoyment in her teaching role working with children from different backgrounds and abilities and working hard to meet their different needs and learning styles. She especially enjoys working with parents and having the opportunity to shine a light on their child in ways they weren’t always expecting. She helps to lighten your load by actively listening, offering valuable insight, asking questions that will invite deep reflection and offer compassion and support. She has witnessed countless transformations for many families. She agrees- parenting IS hard work, but it can also be a ton of FUN.

Beth is trained educator and holds a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a specialization in Reading. She has a undergraduate degree in education from University Of Illinois. She is a PCI™ certified parent coach.