January 20, 2022

Parent Coaching: It’s Benefits and Relationship to Paid Parental Leave Explained

As the first-of-its-kind holistic program, we’re often asked, “what is a holistic approach to paid parental leave?”
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As the first-of-its-kind holistic program, we’re often asked, “what is a holistic approach to paid parental leave?” followed immediately by “why is this necessary?”

We believe that professional lives and parenthood are intertwined and will inevitably affect one another, either positively or negatively. This relationship is unavoidable.  We know that parents want to be successful, engaged and dedicated to their children and their career, and often lack support for both.  Recognizing this void, Parento was designed to support working parents, and employers, on all fronts.

What is Parento’s holistic approach?

A holistic approach to paid parental leave means that working parents are supported at work and at home, weekdays, and weekends.  Parento combines paid parental leave with on-going parent coaching to tangibly address working parent’s needs financially, logistically, and emotionally.

This means that working parents can be both parents and employees, excel both personally and professionally, and be supported at work and at home.

The Relationship between Parent Coaching and Paid Parental Leave

Studies show that child bonding immediately after birth or placement (for adoption or foster families) is critical to the mental and emotional health of the child and of the parents, especially birth moms. Access to paid parental leave results in an increase in retention and reduction in unnecessary turnover for working mothers. But studies also reveal that paid parental leave is often not enough and just scratches the surface. Working mothers need more. By combining paid parental leave with an ongoing coaching network, mothers have resources at their fingertips to address real-world problems and concerns, leading to their return to work full-time and re-engagement in the workforce.

What is professional parent coaching?

Parent coaching is about equipping parents, new and old, first-timers and seasoned vets, with tools to excel at parenting.  That’s why Parento is the first parenthood success program.

Parent coaching is centered on identifying strategies to build (or rebuild) a strong family dynamic and relationships, between parents and child(ren). Usually coaching is centered on reaching a parenting goal or child milestone – such as a developmental or education milestone – but smaller goals are often set such as setting boundaries, behavioral modification, improving communication between child and parent, or building parenting confidence.

There are several different types of parent coaching, but they all have one end-goal in mind: supporting parents, however that looks.  Each coaching session in catered to the parent or family, is specialized, and is designed to be measurable, often setting goals or steps for the next session.  A well supported, confident parent is a healthy parent and can better care for their child(ren) emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Parent coaching is not therapy, counseling, or a substitute for mental health needs, but coaches can suggest outside therapy if they think it would be beneficial.  

What topics does parent coaching cover?

What doesn’t it!

Parent coaches often specialize in one field, age group, or family dynamic but can cover a wide range of topics, including:

·      General behavioral questions

·      Breastfeeding and lactation

·      Children with special needs

·      Autism spectrum disorders

·      LGBTQIA+ parenting support

·      Adoptive parent support

·      Foster parent support

·      Trauma

·      Boundaries

·      Parent-Parent and Parent-Child communication

·      Parenting in recovery

·      And so much more!

We’re passionate about making paid parental leave and parent coaching accessible and affordable for all working parents.  If you’re a parent interested in introducing Parento to your HR team, download our fact sheet for your employer.  If you’re an employer interested in expanding your employee’s resources, schedule a discovery call and be sure to download our white paper.

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