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January 20, 2022

Meet the new Parento

Our updated brand reflects our unique position and goals in the market.
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Our updated brand reflects our unique position and goals in the market. As the first and only paid parental leave program, our new logo and iconography better align with our focus and commitment to families while representing the insurance-based program.

The Backstory

As a man that doesn’t have kids, I didn’t have a personal connection to paid parental leave when I started Parento. As some might say, I didn’t have a dog in this fight.

But, as the former head of finance with HR oversight, I understand finance and business operations. In my previous role, I wanted to offer paid parental leave to my employees. When I sought to understand how other companies implemented paid parental leave, I found out:

  1. They generally don’t have a paid parental leave policy
  2. Most companies use their short-term disability insurance as a proxy for paid maternity leave (This is an antiquated approach; we all know pregnancy isn’t a disability!)
I discovered in my research that HR overwhelmingly wanted to offer paid parental leave but finance didn’t know how to budget for it, manage the risk, or build the business case. I realized the hurdle to overcome for paid parental leave wasn’t with the HR team, but the finance department.

The lack of sufficient investment in paid parental leave by U.S. companies has financial causes, requiring financial solutions. Leveraging my finance experience, we’re out to create robust programs built on top of the financial tools companies need to properly invest in working families. Paid parental and family leave isn’t an extended PTO; it requires so much more planning, resources, and thought to retain and promote working parents.

We worked with an industry partner to create an insurance that looks and feels like other programs in which companies already invest, but is purpose-built for a more relevant, desired, and impactful HR policy than what most firms already offer. Yet, as I researched the issue further, it became clear that while paid parental leave makes the biggest difference in retaining working moms after having a child, they need ongoing support and guidance. Thus, we developed a robust support program for both employees and HR — addressing every stakeholders’ primary challenges so we can not only retain more working women, but promote more female leaders.

Why the Rebrand?

We created a new brand to better illustrate and reflect our unique market position and important work. While the parental support and coaching space is getting crowded, the paid parental leave insurance space remains quiet. No one else has paid parental leave insurance, and no one else focuses on parental leave as holistically as us.

We wanted our brand to reflect the unique nature and focus of our program, built around our key innovation of paid parental leave insurance.

We wanted the rebrand to encapsulate what we’re pursuing and stand out, while simultaneously reflecting the insurance-based nature of our program. Insurance brands rely heavily on animals and nature; hence the animal-based logo. The logo quickly conveys “insurance”, while the family of penguins reflects, well, “family.”

So, why the Parento penguin family?

Alliteration aside, penguins share many similar traits with human families.

Penguins are monogamous during the mating season, and often for life. Responsibility for looking after a newly-hatched chick falls to both parents. They’ll raise a chick together, and each parent will hunt to feed the chick.

Parento in 2021

First, expect us to continue growing. From more broker partners to more clients, to more employees supported.

With our rebrand, expect to see and hear from us more often, online, in-person, at conferences. We’re continuing to grow rapidly, expanding our footprint across the US. While we currently only have a presence in 17 states, we’re in 5 of the 10 largest by population, and our current footprint represents over half of the US population.

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