A New Chapter: Enhancing Parent Experiences at Parento!

Meet Parento's inaugural Director of Parent Experience, working to transform parental leave and working parenthood experiences.
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Hello Parento community!  I am thrilled to introduce myself as the new Director of Parent Experience here at Parento. As one who is passionate about reshaping the culture of parental leave and working parenthood, I am overjoyed to be here with you all.

A Bit About Me

I'm Amanda Hemm, a dedicated advocate for parents, a firm believer in the power of positive experiences, and someone who relates to the beautiful chaos that comes with being a working parent. With a background deeply rooted in caring for new families, a mom of two, and a veteran of the corporate world, I bring a unique blend of knowledge, compassion, and pragmatism to every family I work with.

From Perinatal Professional to Parent Coach

Nearly a decade ago, I made a bold decision to leave my career path and become a postpartum doula. My young daughter had recently been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, a chronic condition that needs to be managed on an hourly basis (at least at first). I was blown away with the care, education, and support we received in the hospital. It was a sharp contrast to the experience I and most new parents receive at the birth of their child. Remember the “they are letting me leave here and I don’t know how to keep this baby alive?” panic? I had none of that when going home with our bags of insulin, syringes, carb counting books, and instruction books. I knew that I wanted to bring that sense of calm and confidence to new parents. Birth and the postpartum period is a precious time of life and parents deserve to feel supported and cared for so they can feel the love and joy that comes with a new baby. 

After becoming a postpartum doula in 2014 - and soon after a lactation educator and new parent group facilitator - I was invited into homes during this intense period of raw emotions, love, and vulnerability. The countless stories shared, the tears turned to smiles, and the awe-inspiring resilience of parents have shaped my understanding of the complexities of this phase.

During the early days of the pandemic when we weren’t going into each others’ homes, I branched out into coaching as a way to continue to offer care, encouragement, and knowledge to new parents. I have always known that the most meaningful aspect of a postpartum doula isn’t the physical help: it is the connection rooted in empathy and compassion. It is believing in the parent when the parent doubts themselves. It is the reminder to trust their instincts - they are the best experts on their family. Sounds magical, right?

As a coach I empower parents to see their magic and learn how to build on these strengths in their personal and professional lives.

Being a mom myself only enriched my perspective. Those guilt filled work days, the big and little milestone celebrations, and the crazy activity schedule that fills my fridge calendar have made me even more attuned to the needs and aspirations of working parents. It's through these experiences that I've truly realized the importance of a strong support network, reliable information, and a nurturing community. We are not meant to parent alone and at Parento, I am here to make sure that you are not.

Parenthood isn’t just at home

Becoming a parent isn’t something that can be kept to the confines of home. It is a transformation of an entire person. Changes in perspective, priorities, skills, and relationships are inevitable. Employers who are able to recognize this, can use parental leave and the associated transitions as a launch pad for professional growth in their parent employees and the surrounding teams. 

Through my work with employers, ERGS, and HR professionals it has become apparent that how they show up for expecting and new employees is a key factor in engagement, retention, and job satisfaction. Parento is partnering with employers to make sure that their employees feel appreciated and supported - emotionally, logistically, and financially, during this critical career junction. 

My own journey to working parenthood was made easier by an insightful and compassionate supervisor who provided professional growth opportunities while understanding my need to care for my growing family. It is my wish that every new parent can feel the same level of support and care that I did at this stage of life. 

Why I'm Here and What We Can Achieve

I was drawn to Parento for their unique approach to address the challenges of parental leave. At the forefront is a paid parental leave insurance program - innovative and novel to say the least - but it is their commitment to 1-on-1 support and coaching for all parents that won my heart. The stories I've heard about how Parento has made a difference in the lives of parents are inspiring. But there's always room to better the experience of expecting, new, and working parents.

Imagine what the world would be like if every parent's journey is met with understanding, resources, and connections that ease the challenges and celebrate the joys. Through personalized coaching, engaging online platforms, and parent communities, I aim to cultivate a program where no question goes unanswered and no concern goes unaddressed.

Next Steps

As I join Parento, I am wholeheartedly excited about the journey ahead. The collaboration between my perinatal expertise, maternal insights, and corporate acumen is a recipe for positive change. Let's embrace this exciting chapter together, as we redefine and elevate the parent experience through paid parental leave, resources when you need them, and genuine support that lifts and empowers.

Stay tuned for a wave of new resources and opportunities for connection. Feel free to reach out – I'm here to listen, learn, and create something truly extraordinary. Here's to new beginnings and the wonderful world of working parenthood!

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A New Chapter: Enhancing Parent Experiences at Parento!

Meet Parento's inaugural Director of Parent Experience, working to transform parental leave and working parenthood experiences.
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