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Compliance + Policy
A Legal Risk Lying in Wait: Gender Discrimination in Parental Leave Policies

You can use the decision tree below to help determine if your existing paid or unpaid parental leave policy is compliant.

Getting DEI Right: The Importance of Getting Working Parenthood Right.

In the wake of the pandemic and the events of 2020, diversity and inclusion initiatives have gained new importance.

Stop Treating Pregnancy like a Disability

“Why is pregnancy considered an illness and why do we treat it as a disability?”

Company News
Meet the new Parento

Our updated brand reflects our unique position and goals in the market.

Parent Coaching: It’s Benefits and Relationship to Paid Parental Leave Explained

As the first-of-its-kind holistic program, we’re often asked, “what is a holistic approach to paid parental leave?”

No, Dad’s Don’t Want Another Grill. They Want Paid Paternity Leave.

Pete Buttigieg took paternity leave and, apparently, that's controversial.

Company News
Parento Launches in Florida and Massachusetts

Parento launches the first and only insurance-based paid parental leave program in Florida and Massachusetts.

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