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The Cost Benefits of Paid Parental Leave

Fun fact: paid parental leave (PPL) would be a more worthwhile financial investment for many companies than a 401(k) match.

Fatherhood, Mental Health and Paternal PPD (yes, it's real)

Men are least likely to seek help for mental and emotional support, but employers can change that.

From Nonprofits to Colleges: Uncommon Industries Adding Paid Parental Leave Policies

No longer relegated to unicorn startups and tech, paid parental leave is becoming a must-have policy across industries.

NYC's New Salary Transparency Law will Likely Aid Earning Potential of Female Employees

In a historic decision, the New York City Council has passed a law marking an unprecedented move towards salary transparency.

The babies are Coming! A Critical Look at Pre- and Post-pandemic Birth Rates

Finally, that pandemic baby boom many people joked about has come to fruition.

Company News
Parento Selected for BenefitsPRO Luminaries Class of 2022

Parento, a national insurance-based paid parental leave program, has been named to BenefitsPRO Luminaries Class of 2022.

Company News
Did 18% of Companies Really Cut Paid Maternity Leave?!

Did 18% of employers really cut or trim their paid parental leave?

For Parents
Going Back to Work After Baby

The one thing that all working moms need, on their first day or their five hundredth day, is support.

4 Weeks of Federal Paid Parental Leave Falls Short, but is Still a Step in the Right Direction

While four weeks is far short of international levels, if passed, it would be a momentous victory for working parents.

For Parents
Paid Paternity Leave: from a Father’s Perspective

If you’re a father, a spouse or a partner reading this and looking for paid paternity leave, you’re not alone.

For Parents
Maternity Leave is Not a Vacation

I heard that “leave is basically a vacation” from co-workers, older mentors, and, even close friends.

Paid Parental Leave vs. a 401(k) Match: A Review of Value to Companies and Financial Wellness

Almost everyone has children, so having a strategy to address the unique challenges of this consequential, stressful, yet joyfu

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