Paid parental leave so you can parent, worry-free.

Parento is designed to give you peace of mind by removing financial and emotional obstacles so you can focus on your new child, and nothing else.

On-going, tangible support
designed to meet your needs.

We know that in order to successfully manage your career and parenthood, paid parental leave is just the tip of the iceberg. We built proactive, holistic support coaching into our program to help you navigate the emotional, and mental, strain of being a working parent.

Our network of professional coaches focus on managing transitions before, during, and after leave, helping you build sustainable routines and systems so you can be the best possible parent, while thriving professionally.

All employees, with or without kids, will be able to use Parento's support services, no questions asked.

Your workplace could
benefit from Parento

Parento is available through employers for all full-time employees and all employees, whether parents or not, will have access to unlimited one-on-one support services.

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